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Welcome to ATTAIN. Where the pandemic crisis affecting homeowners and banks meets real answers.

ATTAIN’s relationships with banks and other financial institutions allow them to meet their capital adequacy ratios while at the same time helping homeowners stay in their homes. In these times of crisis, our algorithm-centric fund platform and asset management team are set up to re-perform these notes. A true, win-win-win.


Non-Performing first-lien residential mortgages banks have on their books.


Modications access.


Each note is secured by the property.
Helping Increase Home Ownership

We work to ensure fewer foreclosures which increases homeownership through our loan modifications. As well, the need for affordable housing in the U.S. is as great as it’s been in several decades and is only growing. ATTAIN helps meet this crisis head-on.

Predictable Income

For institutional investors, a portfolio approach that produces predictable income is crucial to weather any economic or political storms.

Institutional Investor Access

Our Limited Partners can now put capital to work depending on their domicile. Our fund administrator is capable to handle various models including AIFM and RAIF structures. As always, tax advice should be provided by qualified advisors.

Banks Benefit

Banks benefit by eliminating non-performing assets from their books and maintain healthy ALLL asset ratios.

Debt investment is safer than investing in equity

Unlike equity crowdfunding, REITs or eREITs, where investors become shareholders in a particular property, our institutional investors have access to pools of notes secured against residential and commercial properties. Debt is the safest type of property investment. It’s senior to the borrower’s equity and acts like a cushion that protects your investment. All ATTAIN’s notes are secured against the underlying property.


US Residential Mortgage Loans in Forebearance.

Economic sustainability.

At ATTAIN, we believe in helping grow communities by providing economic value. By modifying mortgages to increase homeownership – we help decrease the chances of default while reducing a family’s debt load. The worldwide pandemic of 2020 is affecting millions of homeowners – even into 2021 and for years to come. Though mortgagers are offering forbearance, it still leaves homeowners with the payments they’ve missed as a lump sum. And without an income, many are left in default. ATTAIN makes an impact on banks’ capital adequacy ratios as well as helps homeowners.

Invest in US Cities.

ATTAIN invests in US cities and supports affordable housing and community initiatives. We do so by purchasing the underlying mortgage notes for residential and multifamily real estate from banks and credit unions. Financial institutions benefit from us by reducing their non-performing loans and therefore freeing up capital to allow for reinvestment.

ATTAIN makes US property investing more precise and intelligent for our limited partners.






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